European Newspaper Publishers' Association/European Federation of Magazine Publishers (ENPA-FAEP)

Key Personnel

  • ENPA President: Valdo Lehari Jr
  • ENPA Treasurer and Honorary President: Alvin Sold
  • ENPA Vice-President: Carlo Peronne
  • ENPA Vice-President: Ivar Rusdal
  • ENPA Vice-President: Kees Spaan
  • FAEP President: David Hanger
  • FAEP Vice-President: Jean-Antoine Bouchez
  • FAEP Vice-President: João Palmeiro


The ENPA represents the interests of the European newspaper publishing industry. They represent national, regional and local newspapers. Similarly, the FAEP represents magazine publishers throughout Europe. Combined, these organisations have a very broad scope and could potentially be important as newspapers and magazines are a dominant sector of the European media industry.


They are interested in protecting the copyright of newspapers’ and magazines’ content and represent rightsholders’ interests to decision-makers. They support the enforcement of “anti-piracy” laws.


Their allies are the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI); the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisation (IFPRO); the Press Database and Licensing Network (PDLN). They also interact with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

Further Information