Elizabeth Truss MP


Conservative MP for South West Norfolk (since 2010). Member of the Justice Select Committee.

Relevant Debates

Digital Economy “I was delighted to read earlier this week that Britain leads the world in e-commerce, with 10% of all business taking place online. However, I am concerned about getting more young people involved in the industry, given that the number of people studying computer science is lower now than it was a decade ago and the proportion of women doing computer science has gone down to only 14%. What are we going to do to get more young people involved in the [computer science] industry?” [1]

Communications Data Bill

Elizabeth Truss was contacted by a constituent and send this reply.


Open Access “The Byron Review has produced recommendations about ensuring children "remain safe in the online world". The IPPR is publishing a report describing young people who are "being raised online" as they spend in excess of 20 hours per week on social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and bebo. However, these concerns should be outweighed by the almost limitless opportunity that this new technology brings. It empowers individuals, undermines privilege and extends choice and can therefore bring major benefits to society and the economy....Rather than focussing on provision, Ministers should act as an enabler or guarantor of access for all.” [2]

Prior Career

Elizabeth was Deputy Director at the think-tank Reform, where she advocated more rigorous academic standards in schools, a greater focus on tackling serious and organised crime and urgent action to deal with Britain's £175bn deficit. Elizabeth worked in the energy and telecommunications industry for ten years as a commercial manager and economics director and is a qualified management accountant. [3]


PPE at Oxford.


In October 2011 she founded the Free Enterprise Group that encourages free and competitive economic environment. [4] She is also very interested in education (particularly with regard to promoting Mathematics and Science), and has asked Rt Hon Nick Clegg about increasing the number of state school students taking maths and physics. [5];[6]

Contact Information

The Limes, 32 Bridge Street, Thetford, IP24 3AG Elizabeth.truss.mp@parliament.uk 01842 757345


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twitter: trussliz

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