Dawn Primarolo MP

Dawn Primarolo MP (Labour) MP for Bristol South. Health Minister.

Digital Economy Bill

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Communications Data Bill

Has been contacted by a constituent but no response as of 11/01/2013.


"They have taken all the necessary steps to notify all the relevant authorities. We need to find out very rapidly what has been lost by these nine trusts. It is not clear in what form, but it is clear that [it] is security-protected."

Also see Discgate


2007-12-24 - The Guardian - Primarolo admits ignorance over data losses by nine NHS trusts
Author: Patrick Wintour
Summary: The health minister, Dawn Primarolo does not know exactly what is has been lost by nine NHS trusts. Ministers will be worried that the loss will further undermine confidence in the department's plans for a new computer database of all NHS patients' records. ... The data losses appear to have emerged locally, with potentially the biggest loss by City and Hackney Primary Care Trust in London, which has reportedly mislaid the details of 160,000 children after a computer disc failed to arrive at its destination at St Leonard's hospital. ... The campaign group NO2ID, which opposes ID cards and moves to centralise all NHS records, said: "We are now starting to see the consequences of the government obsession with information 'sharing' and centralised IT in the NHS. If you care about your privacy, then keep your medical records between you and your doctor, and out of the hands of the Department of Health, if you can."