David Miliband MP

Not to be confused with Ed Miliband MP

David Miliband former Labour MP for South Shields.



2009-01-25 - The Sunday Times - Loss of British Council staff data disk stings David Miliband
Author: David Leppard
Summary: THE foreign secretary, David Miliband, faced embarrassment last night after it emerged that a computer disk containing confidential bank details of up to 2,000 public servants working for the British Council has been lost. ... British Council has lost a disc containing 2,000 employees bank details, names, National Insurance numbers and salaries. The disk was lost in transit with TNT.
2007-05-21 - Defra - Speech by Rt Hon David Miliband MP at the ‘zeitgeist’ Google conference "We can: politics for the Facebook generation"
Author: David Miliband MP
Summary: This is the theme of my speech today – how the spirit of the age requires a new type of politics, and how the new tools of the age can help deliver economic and social change. The argument is simple. We need the distribution of power to match the dispersal of information. We need the coordination of action to match the nature of interdependence. And in both tasks the social, economic and technological relationships that mark the world of Web 2.0 need to be exported to the political realm.
2006-09-06 - Computing - Hackers abuse UK government wiki
Author: Matt Chapman
Summary: The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs was left with egg on its face when proposals published in an online wiki were 'edited' by a number of hackers. The Environment Contract was designed to make government policy more open, but hackers left some embarrassing editing throughout the site and a swastika was reportedly added to one page. Environment Secretary David Miliband admitted that there were risks to the process before it started. "This is new territory for the government, and it involves a fair bit of trust," he said on his official blog." "As anticipated, we have had some problems with accidental or malicious editing or removal of material. We may have to adjust our approach."
2006-03-21 - The Register - First Minister of blogging
Summary: David Miliband has prompted a heated debate by becoming the first government minister to launch his own blog. It is hosted by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, where Miliband is Communities and Local Government Minister. Miliband says the aim of the blog is to "help bridge the gap – the growing and potentially dangerous gap – between politicians and the public". It will be monitored by the independent Hansard Society as part of a Department for Constitutional Affairs pilot investigating the way central government uses ICT to communicate with the public.