David Martin MEP

David Martin MEP is a Scottish Labour member of the European Parliament (MEP).[1]. He acted as the EU rapporteur for ACTA and recommended the European Parliament "decline to consent to the conclusion" of ACTA; noting that

"Unintended consequences of the ACTA text is a serious concern. On individual criminalisation, the definition of “commercial-scale”, the role of internet service providers and the possible interruption of the transit of generic medicines, your rapporteur maintains doubts that the ACTA text is as precise as is necessary. The intended benefits of this international agreement are far outweighed by the potential threats to civil liberties. Given the vagueness of certain aspects of the text and the uncertainty over its interpretation, the European Parliament cannot guarantee adequate protection for citizens' rights in the future under ACTA."[2]

In a video interview with Russia Today he voiced support for protection of intellectual property but described ACTA as forcing internet service providers to act as "the European police force of the internet", raised concerns over its excessively broad wording and criticised it for excluding countries such as China, India and Russia. In the same interview he recognised a distinction between physical counterfeit goods and online intellectual property rights and the need to take a different approach to the two issues (something ACTA does not do).[3]

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