Data Protection Regulation

European General Data Protection Regulation (DPR) proposals made in January 2012 to form a future directive.

Votes in the European Parliament by five committees between 23 January and 25 April 2013.


On Wednesday, the European Parliament’s Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) voted in favour of relaxing the European Data Protection Regulation (DPR) proposals.[1]

According to LQDN, the committee "chose to water down the protection of citizens' privacy, by, among others, allowing easier profiling of users by companies, or softening obligations of notification of personal data breaches. Most attempts to impose safeguards against the processing, storing and selling of our personal data, were rejected."[2]

The committee is the first of five committees to vote on the Data Protection Regulation proposals.


The Industry, Research and Energy Committee has now also voted and, as IMCO did, put through a watered down new Draft Regulation. ITRE voted to limit the level that a fine could be set for a data breach and further eroded user control over their data.


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