Counter-Terrorism Review 2017


“In the light of the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, my Government’s counter-terrorism strategy will be reviewed to ensure that the police and security services have all the powers they need, and that the length of custodial sentences for terrorism-related offences are sufficient to keep the population safe.”

The purpose of the review

  • This review of counter-terrorism legislation is part of a broader review of our whole approach to counter-terrorism. Urgent work is already underway which will ensure that Government is doing everything possible to address the threat from terrorism and keep the public safe, drawing on lessons from the recent attacks in London and Manchester.
  • It will ensure that the police and security services have the powers they need to deal with terrorism and consider whether tougher prison sentences for those found guilty of terror offences are necessary. We will not hesitate to legislate if necessary.
  • It will consider what further steps need to be taken to halt the spread of extremist material and poisonous propaganda online so there are no safe spaces on the internet for terrorists. This will include working internationally and encouraging tech companies to do more to remove harmful content from their networks.

The main elements of the review

  • The review will cover:
  • counter-terrorism powers and other powers the Government can use to fight terrorism;
  • sentences for those convicted of terror offences;
  • working with online companies to reduce and restrict the availability of extremist material online.[1]

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