Chris Grayling MP

Chris Grayling MP (Conservative) MP for Epsom & Ewell. Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions



2007-12-09 - This is London - Disc security warning years ago
Summary: The Government was warned three years before 25 million people's records were lost in the post. ... A letter circulated by Treasury risk manager Richard Fennelly in March 2004, "Fraudulent/malicious activity was not being detected...Live support staff had root access and could do anything without being detected with obvious risks." There were also worries that there was "no encryption between certain elements in the system". Shadow work and pensions secretary Chris Grayling told the newspaper: "This document blows apart Gordon Brown's claims in Parliament that this was a one-off incident." "Now we know that internal watchdogs in the government were warning three years ago that the child benefit database was at risk." "Because no one took any action we now face a situation where millions of bank account details and information about all our children has been lost."
2007-02-28 - Conservative Party - Big Brother 'black boxes' in Britain's cars
Author: Chris Grayling MP
Summary: The Government is examining plans to introduce a new spy-in-the-sky satellite system to monitor the speed of vehicles using Britain's roads. And with black box devices fitted to all cars, the system would be able to replace road speed cameras, identify speeding drivers - and trigger automatic fines for those who break the limit. Just a week after the furore over the Government's plans to use a spy-in-the-sky satellite system for its planned national road pricing scheme, Shadow Transport Secretary Chris Grayling protested at the way the Big Brother tendencies of the Government "are becoming clearer by the day". He said: "This is an extraordinary new development. From ID cards, to chips in wheelie bins to monitor your rubbish, to clipboard-wielding council tax inspectors having the right to come into your home, the Big Brother tendencies of the Government are becoming clearer by the day. "Now we find out that they have already spent £2 million preparing for another satellite spy-in-the-sky system to monitor every driver on the road - this time to enforce speed limits." Mr Grayling declared: "Of course the Government does need to get serious about road safety. But this means cracking down on the rogue drivers on the roads, who we already know are more likely to be involved in accidents. Across the country, to the detriment of road safety, we already have police forces relying on cameras rather than uniformed officers, and putting an electronic spy into every car isn't the answer when we have two million drivers who operate outside the rules altogether." The Intelligent Speed Adaptation scheme - described as a system that "uses an in-vehicle digital road map onto which speed limits have been coded, combined with a satellite positioning system" - are set out in a report just published by the Department for Transport. For the system to be effective, any vehicle must be accurately located through satellite technology and provided with information about the speed limit on the road - requiring the development of a massive national speed limit database. The Government of Dubai is using a similar system to police speed limits on its roads, and motorists breaking speed limits will be issued with an automatic speeding ticket.