Charles Walker MP


Member of Parliament for Broxbourne (since 2005). Vice-Chairman of 1922 Committee. Member of Wandsworth Council 2002-6.


Voted strongly against ID cards. [1]


Online pornography

“My last point relates to the possession of extreme pornographic material. I, too, am concerned about what comes over the internet; there is some horrible, nasty and unpleasant stuff. Clauses 64 to 67 are not as good as they could be—there is potential for contradiction; for example, in the case of a film called “Hostel Part II”, which I have not seen but that has been reported on by a number of people I trust. From beginning to end, it depicts obscene, misogynistic acts of brutality against women—an hour and a half of brutality—yet that film has been passed by the British Board of Film Classification for public release to people aged 18 and over. I understand that, although the Bill will not make that film illegal, it could make it illegal for someone to take stills from that film, because they could be deemed to have a purely pornographic nature. If it were deemed that stills from a film such as “Hostel Part II” were of a pornographic and unacceptably violent nature, it seems madness that that film should be allowed on general release. I hope that, as the Bill is considered in Committee, we will look at those concerns to ensure that that part of the Bill is as watertight as it can be.” [2]

Counterfeit medicines

Charles is concerned about the sale of counterfeit medicines over the internet. [3]

Early Day Motions

Signed Early Day Motion 179 Software in Schools 21 November 2006 That this House congratulates the Open University and other schools, colleges and universities for utilising free and open source software to deliver cost-effective educational benefit not just for their own institutions but also the wider community; and expresses concern that Becta and the Department for Education and Skills, through the use of outdated purchasing frameworks, are effectively denying schools the option of benefiting from both free and open source software and the value and experience small and medium ICT companies could bring to the schools market.


University of Oregon.


Charles heckled Tony Blair during a heated debate over the government's decision to extend the period of detention without trial. [4]

Contact Information

Charles Walker MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA;; 0207 219 0338




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