Business, Innovation and Skills Committee

For the government department, see Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Open Access publishing inquiry 2013

The committee announced on 2013-01-21 (although a press release was available on the 18th) its intention to inquire into the Government's Open Access policy relating to university research and publishing. Amongst the issues under consideration will be

  • The Government's acceptance of the recommendations of the Finch Group Report 'Accessibility, sustainability, excellence: how to expand access to research publications', including its preference for the 'gold' over the 'green' open access model;
  • Rights of use and re-use in relation to open access research publications, including the implications of Creative Commons 'CC-BY' licences;
  • The costs of article processing charges (APCs) and the implications for research funding and for the taxpayer; and
  • The level of 'gold' open access uptake in the rest of the world versus the UK, and the ability of UK higher education institutions to remain competitive.