Brian Binley MP


Member of Parliament for Northampton South (since 2005). Executive Member of 1922 Committee. Previously member of Business, Innovation and Skills Committee.


ID Cards

Voted very strongly against ID cards. [1]

Hargreaves Report

“In a developed economy, intellectual property rights are fundamental to economic growth. If we lose sight of that fact, we do considerable harm to business and commerce in this country. I urge the Minister to recognise the needs of industry in that respect. It is vital that intellectual property rights are enhanced, protected and supported, and that the creators of those rights get their fair and just return.”

The current copyright system has failed to remove barriers to innovation. There is a gap between the law and reasonable expectation, and the behaviour of many people today regarding digital access. There is a lack of understanding that creativity must be paid for.”

“I have met young people who think it is their right to steal other people’s intellectual property, and that is the sort of culture that we have created. We must put an end to it, if we are to deal with the issue properly.”

“The report needs genuine Government drive to translate into a Bill that will benefit the whole of our nation and, more specifically, be of import to small and medium-sized businesses. We need to be positive about encouraging innovation and growth, and we need to configure our policy and tax frameworks accordingly. As we gradually shift away from the economic woes of the past few years, above all else such innovation offers the prospect of sustained prosperity and success.” [2]

Prior Career



Was victim of identity theft in 2006. [3] Presented Shared Parenting Bill to Parliament in 2010. [4]

Contact Information

Brian Binley MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA;; 01604 633 414.




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