Board Two

The article titles linked below are merely suggestions. Feel free to improve upon them.

Section A

PCs are Open

Articles: The Open PC, The Right to Tinker

Individuals have the right to be anonymous

Articles: Right To Anonymity

Anyone can make software

Articles: Anyone Can Make Software, The Right to Tinker

The net just moves bits around

Articles: Open Networks

Free Speech

Articles: Criminalisation of Free Speech Online

You own your PC

Articles: Physical property rights, The Right to Tinker

Section B

You own the devices you buy - you decide what you run on them

Articles: Physical property rights

Engage the Enemy

Articles: Engage the enemy

Section C

Enemies List

Articles: Enemies

Who is the enemy? Is it black and white?

Articles: Enemies

Section D

Section E

Subversive Software

Articles: Subversive Software

Awareness of alternative means of production and success e.g. Arctic Monkeys

Articles: Arctic Monkeys Digital Rights Case Studies

Section F

Bill Gates, Microsoft

Articles: Microsoft


Articles: Apple


Articles: Sony

Copyright crackers. Counterfeiter

Articles: Crackers

Bird Flu

Articles: Avian Influenza


Countryside Alliance / NRA style local activism

Articles: Local Activism

Copyright is an Evil justified only where it encourages creation

Articles: Justification Of Copyright

Anyone can create a web site

Articles: Anyone Can Create Websites

Kinds of Engagement

Articles: Methods

Direct action vs Targets of Opportunity

Articles: Methods

Find friends among the enemy - they are not all of one mind

Articles: Unexpected Friends

Use the tools they use agains them. Marketing not just  _illegible_ 

Articles: Use The Enemys Tools

Demonstrate alternatives by example

Articles: Demonstrate Alternatives


Articles: Pranks

Keep a list of IP lobbyists for defense

Articles: Lobbyists

You cannot own an idea only the  _illegible_ 

Articles: Ownership Of Ideas

Sound-bite to counter "Pirate"

Articles: The word Pirate

Idea Ownership

Articles: Ownership of ideas

Software Patents

Articles: Software Patents


Articles: Telcos

Privacy invaders - people who want to see our records

Articles: Privacy Invaders

Arts graduate journalists with no clue

Articles: Journalists

Copyright Extenders

Articles: Copyright Extension (Proponents)

Teach them lessons from history

Articles: Lessons from History

Creativity is good

Articles: Creativity

There is a public domain with real content

Articles: Public Domain

Danger of being too tied to a single solution

Articles: Vendor tie ups

Schools "IP Education" has enteted mainstream

Articles: Schools

Accepting that not all IP owners are huge media companies, or the enemy

Articles: Keeping a sense of perspective

Diverse streams of music are free at point of use e.g. Radio

Articles: Free at point of use

Present thoughtful alternatives

Articles: Alternatives

Which work and are not too theoretical

Articles: Alternatives

Patents are an evil justified only where they cause a real disclosure

Articles: Justification of Patents

Understand where the enemy is coming from. Don't just get cross

Articles: Don't get cross

Insurance companies are the "Big Brother" of the 21st century

Articles: Insurance companies

Argue for paying artists (not record companies)

Articles: Artists