Board Three

The article titles linked below are merely suggestions. Feel free to improve upon them.

Section A

MPs MEPs House of Lords EU Commission

Articles: Representatives

Section B


Articles: Lobbyists

I've payed for it why is it not mine

Articles: Sense Of Ownership

Voluntary Organisation

Articles: Voluntary Organisations

Educate Ourselves

Articles: Educate Ourselves

Edutainment (and lots of it)

Articles: Edutainment


Civil Service

Articles: Civil Service

Who are the real influencers?

Articles: Influencers

What metaphors and similies do they understand?

Articles: Metaphors


Articles: Methods

Partner with the British Computer Society

Articles: British Computer Society

Establish an Ideological narrative

Articles: Ideological narrative

IT Professionals

Articles: IT Professionals

Bang for our buck

Articles: Value For Consumers

Explaination of UK IP Law

Articles: UK IP Law

UK Fair Dealing USA Fair Use

Articles: Exceptions To Copyright

We need a DRM crazy frog

Articles: DRM Crazy Frog

Viral Artist

Articles: ORG Viral Marketing

Changing their negative view

Articles: Changing Views


Articles: Artists

Encouraging positve views of open rights

Articles: Positive Uses

Promote Fair Licencing Ts and Cs

Articles: Promote Fair Licencing

Fund mass refusal to support restrictive EULA terms

Articles: Refusing Ts and Cs

Lobby for the manufactured consent of restrictive EULAs to be struck down

Articles: Manufactured Consent

Mass refusal of Ts and Cs

Articles: Refusing Ts and Cs

Use Plain English campaign to demystify

Articles: Plain English


Articles: Libraries


Articles: Educators

Can we take the consequences

Articles: Consequences

Reduce lobbyists and journalists work

Articles: Helping Journalists

Clear Message

Articles: Clear Message

Restricting our Fair Use

Articles: Restrictions On Fair Use

A DRM Jamie Oliver

Articles: DRM Jamie Oliver

How do we take a common viewpoint

Articles: Common Viewpoint

The Education Conversation

Articles: Education

Go for  _illegible_  Spokesperson

Articles: Spokespersons

Briefings, Parliamentary Questions, etc

Articles: How to reach out

Events, Gigs, Festivals, Glasto 2006

Articles: Leverage Music Events

E-books attract VAT, paper books to not

Articles: Inconsistancies In Tax

Long term aim to change the conversation from XXX to YYY

Articles: Reframing The Conversation