Objective How met
1 Test most popular websites
  • Use CommonCrawl data as reference
  • Work with Common Crawl and / or others to get reference data
2 Find filter blocks
  • Wide pass for filters
  • Use extra capacity for single tests for retesting
3 Locate court order blocks
  • Start by testing sites from public sources or blocked by court order in different jurisdictions
  • Widen by testing sites blocked by filters
  • Use Lumen to locate potentially blocked domains
  • Use other public data including court information for testing
4 Locate domain seizures
  • Single pass using spare capacity against all datasets
5 Keep data up to date
  • Prioritise sensitive data, eg likely mistakes and court orders
  • Retest filter blocks periodically
6 Create as much data as possible
  • Use full capacity of probes; keep as busy as their line capacity allows
  • Do less testing in parallel
  • Stop the slow lines from restricting the throughput of tests

Testing priorties

Priority Datatset Category EU / UK Probe set Control panel
1 Daily

Reported blocked sites

Filters UK Filtered lines Yes (for exclusions – reported as abuse)
2 Weekly

Copyright list

Court orders EU / UK All Yes
2 Weekly

Sites subject to Court order blocks

Court orders EU / UK All No
2 Weekly

New .uk registrations

Filters UK All No
2 Weekly

Blocked filter lists used on front page

Filters UK Filtered probes Yes via saved lists
4 Quarterly

Full .uk zone file test

Filters / Seizures UK Filtered probes No
4 Quarterly

Full general data test using Common Crawl and other general sources

Filters / Seizures UK Filtered probes No
4 Quarterly

Retest filtered results for court order blocks

Court orders UK Clean line main ISPs No
4 Quarterly

All filtered or previously filtered results

Court orders EU EU ISPs No
5 Six monthly

Full .com / .org / zone file test

Filters / Seizures UK Filtered probes No
5 Six monthly

Full Common Crawl test

Court orders EU EU ISPs No

Tests using spare capacity

Probe set Priority Tests Objective Filters / Court orders EU / UK
UK high capacity clean lines Low

First pass .com to index sites

Prepare for wider tests at higher speeds. Locate seizures? Both UK
UK high capacity filtered lines Low

First pass .com for blocks

Increase database coverage Filters primarily UK
UK all filtered lines Low

Retest first pass blocks detected on .com to complete the data for these sites

Increase database coverage Filters and court orders UK
Unfiltered lines Medium

Full pass against Zone Files

Locate seizures Seizures UK / EU