Baroness Morris of Bolton

Baroness Morris of Bolton (Conservative) Peer.


Children's Digital Rights

House of Lords debate Children: UN Convention 21 November 2007

My Lords, a basic right for a child is their right to privacy. Along with many influential voices, we have been critical of the Government’s determination to hold details, sometimes sensitive details, on every child in the country. We were told that the data would be safe in the Government’s hands but, in the light of yesterday’s announcement of the appalling loss of the child benefit details, how can parents and children have confidence in that? Is it not time for an urgent review of ContactPoint and would not the money be better spent on those children who are most in need?

House of Lords debate Schools: Biometric Data 19 March 2007

My Lords, notwithstanding the assurances given by the Minister, does he not recognise the genuine concerns to which these issues give rise? These are serious matters of principle. What safeguards are in place to ensure the security of the data once collected? Are there any plans to link these data to the children's information-sharing index?