Andy Reed MP

Andy Reed MP (Labour) former MP for Loughborough. AKA Andrew Reed. Member of the All Party Internet Group. Andrew has a Public Administration degree from De Montfort University. First elected in 1997.


2008-08-26 - Andy Reed MP - Taxpayers' details found on eBay
Author: Andy Reed MP
Summary: Charnwood Borough council is being forced into investigating a report that a computer containing taxpayers' personal details was sold on auction website eBay. Bank account numbers and sort codes of people in the Charnwood Borough Council area were reportedly found after the equipment was sold for £6.99. Loughborough MP Andy Reed said "This is a worrying loss and I will expect a full and thorough investigation into how this may have happened. Already many local people have expressed anger at this loss - one probably containing my own personal details by the sounds of it!" "There have been enough stories of data loss and whilst I am sure we all try our hardest it is time to really step up our routines to make this stops happening. Being a victim of identity theft is not pleasant as I know. I would urge the Tory leader Richard Shepherd to take full responsibility for the actions of the authority and most importantly to communicate with all of us affected as quickly as possible about the potential risks. I want to see quick and effective action - not just warm words about an investigagtion."
2007-05-21 - Andy Reed Blog - Freedom of Information Statement
Summary: Andy Reed MP said he was disappointed at the way the Freedom of Information Private Members Bill was handled in the Commons by the Tory David McLean last Friday. Andy Reed was not in the Commons on Friday as he consistently does not attend Private Members legislation and instead prioritises visits in his constituency. Most controversial Bills get nowhere and he said he was surprised this Bill moved to the next stage. Following the debate he said: "I can understand why there is a problem with the confidential letters becoming available and causing danger to constituents. I heard of one case of a domestic violence victim being identified through a Freedom of Information request. But it appears this Bill has gone too far in exempting other sorts of information. I have always published my expenses on this website long before it was a requirement. I have nothing to hide and think this information should be available. Indeed I think if people saw the mundane items required to run a busy office they would stop calling them expenses! I guess most people who sit behind a desk at work would not think of the desk and the pens provided as 'expenses'.
1999-05-13 - The Guardian - Parliament unplugged
Author: Patrick Barkham
Summary: The government cannot sing the praises of the internet too highly. But most MPs are off-message when it comes to digital democracy and only a handful are taking advantage of the web to reach their constituents. ... Labour's Andy Reed says: "In theory nearly all the letters I get from constituents about policy can be answered through the site". As internet use increases, MPs' websites could become "a one-stop shop", as Reed says, which could ease MPs' workload.