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Andy Burnham MP (Labour) MP for Leigh. Secretary of State, Department for Culture, Media & Sport

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2008-12-27 - The Guardian - Culture secretary Andy Burnham wants cinema-style age ratings for websites
Author: Aidan Jones
Summary: The culture secretary, Andy Burnham, says in an interview today that the government is considering the need for "child safe" websites – registered with cinema-style age warnings – to curb access to offensive or damaging online material.
2008-10-02 - The Register - UK minister looks for delete key on user generated content
Author: John Ozimek
Summary: Culture and Media Secretary, Andy Burnham, was heard to remark: "We have to start talking more seriously about standards and regulation on the internet. "I don't think it is impossible that before you download something there is a symbol or wording which tells you what's in that content. If you have a clip that is downloaded a million times then that is akin to broadcasting. "It doesn't seem over-burdensome for these to be regulated." ... "The internet as a whole is an excellent source of casual opinion," he said. "TV is where people often look for expert or authoritative opinion."
2008-06-13 - The Register - UK culture sec wants a public service web
Author: Joe Fay
Summary: "What do I mean by standards?" asked Burnham, "I'm thinking of guiding principles like impartiality and accuracy in TV and radio news, the integrity of programme making and the 9pm watershed, protecting against harm and offence, that have stood us in good stead for years." Burnham then said he thought the same principles needed to be extended to the internet. But, warned Burnham, "With so much of the online world untrusted, I feel we should preserve standards of accuracy, impartiality and trustworthiness, rather than dismantle them. People still use the internet and TV for different reasons and with different expectations and we mustn’t forget that." Burnham also warned that he was taking a dim view of "product placement".
2008-06-11 - Convergence Think Tank Fourth Seminar - Opening address
Summary: On the subject of public service broadcasting, Mr. Burnham argued that standards (e.g., accuracy, impartiality) were part of British media's "brand," and advocated applying them to online content as well. He went on to equate file-sharing with stealing CDs from a shop. Finally, he alluded that it might be necessary in the future to centrally regulate Internet content, giving the example of a television-style content warning superimposed on Youtube videos. ... In response to Becky Hogge's question, Mr. Burnham expressly declined to quash speculation that the Government would seek copyright term extension.
2008-02-21 - Financial Times - Whitehall gives ISPs piracy deadline
Author: Jean Eaglesham
Summary: The government will on Friday tell internet service providers they will be hit with legal sanctions from April next year unless they take concrete steps to curb illegal downloads of music and films. Britain would be one of the first countries in the world to impose such sanctions. Service providers say what the government wants them to do would be like asking the Royal Mail to monitor the contents of every envelope posted. Andy Burnham, culture secretary, told the Financial Times on Thursday that the deadline was a "clear signal" of the government’s determination to tackle rampant piracy, which the music and film industries blame for the slump in CD and DVD sales. "Let me make it absolutely clear: this is a change of tone from the government," Mr Burnham said. "It's definitely serious legislative intent."