EU Select Committee

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The principal function of the Lords' EU Select Committee is to scrutinise EU legislative proposals and the Government's response to them. The Committee conducts a regular scrutiny of EU proposals, conducts a Correspondence with Ministers to pursue significant issues relating to individual scrutiny items, and produces a substantial number of Reports each year on a wide variety of EU-related issues.

The Committee's formal terms of reference are "To consider European Union documents and other matters relating to the European Union".


TV Without Frontiers Directive

Criticised the Television Without Frontiers directive. Report on Television Without Frontiers? PDF 5 February 2007



2007-02-05 - BBC - Internet video rules 'misguided'
Summary: An EU bid to make internet broadcasters subject to the same laws as traditional television is "seriously misguided", the All Party Lords European Union Committee has said. Saying it was not the role of regulation to protect established broadcasters from new competition operating under different business models. "Burdensome and inappropriate" rules risked damaging the thriving British new media industry, the committee said.