Nadine Dorries

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Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire (since 2005). Panel of Chairs.


Voted against ID cards.[1] Signed EDM that “That this House calls upon the Government to bring forward legislative proposals to impose penalties upon credit card and debit card providers for the facilitation of the downloading of child pornography from the internet.”[2]


Child Safety “Does he agree that the problems regarding Google and the invasiveness of the internet arose before the capturing of the information that should not have been caught? One of the groups of people who have suffered as a result is young people and teenagers. A number of suicide sites have been established and information is passed via social networking mediums such as Facebook and other mediums to teenagers, who are particularly vulnerable and have been particularly badly hit by that. Perhaps it is time for us to examine how the internet has operated and invaded people's lives in an adverse way, and to start talking about some form of regulation that protects individuals.”[3]

Prior Career

Background in nursing and business.


Nursing trainee.


She had to remove a blog post on the Barclay brothers after she was accused of publishing defamatory material.[4] She has a lot to say on abortion and abstinence, which may colour her perception of open access.[5]

Contact Information

House of Commons, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA;; 01462 811449.




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