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The Motion Picture Association (MPA) represents the interests of large corporate film makers. Its members include the Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group; 20th Century Fox and Universal Studios. They are an important and powerful organisation. This is an international association with offices in Brussels, the US and other cities around the world.

The MPA is the international wing of the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America); in practice they are the same group with the same views, promoting the business interests of major Hollywood studios.


They are very much in favour of copyright and work to protect rightsholders’ financial interests. The MPA was a founding member of the Copyright Alliance.

Key Personnel

  • President and Interim CEO (US): A. Robert Pisano
  • Director of EU Affairs: Niklas Lagergren
  • Deputy Managing Director, Vice President and General Counsel - Europe: Ted Shapiro


The MPA have several global allies. Within Europe their allies include: the Anti-Piracy Organisation for the Film and Video Industry (Austria); the Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation; the Danish Anti-Piracy Group; the Association for the Fight Against Audiovisual Piracy (ALPA) (France); the Society for the Prosecution of Copyright Infringement (Germany); the Irish National Federation against Copyright Theft Ltd (INFACT); the Anti-Piracy Federation for the Audio Visual Industry (Italy); the Foundation for the Protection of Copyright for the Entertainment Industry (Netherlands); the Anti-Piracy Federation (Spain); the Swiss Anti-Piracy Federation and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) (UK).

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