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Michael Penning MP (Conservative) MP for Hemel Hempstead. Also known as Mike Penning.


Identity cards

Signed Early Day Motion 263 Identity Cards 06 June 2005

That this House believes that a convincing case for the introduction of compulsory biometric identity cards and a national database has not been made, that the risks involved far outweigh any discernible benefit, that the introduction of identity cards will fundamentally change the relationship between the citizen and the state, diminish personal privacy and threaten civil liberties, that the present proposals do not provide properly costed, proportionate or effective solutions to the problems they are claimed to solve; and calls upon the Government to shelve plans for their introduction.

Freedom of Information

Signed Early Day Motion 2699 Freedom of Information 10 December 2006

That this House welcomes the finding of the Constitutional Affairs Committee (HC991) that the Freedom of Information Act has `already brought about the release of significant new information and....this information is being used in a constructive and positive way' and the committee's conclusion that it sees `no need to change' the Act's charging arrangements; views with concern reports that the Government is considering changing these arrangements to permit an application fee to be charged for all requests or to allow authorities to refuse, on cost grounds, a significant proportion of requests which they currently must answer; and considers that such changes could undermine the Act's benefits of increased openness, accountability and trust in the work of public authorities.

DNA database

Signed Early Day Motion 1697 Use of the DNA database 27 Febuary 2006

That this House expresses its concern about the retention of DNA data taken from children aged 10 to 18 years who have never been charged or cautioned with any offence; notes large regional differences in retention policy between various police forces; and believes that this imbalance is being further exacerbated by the Government's unwillingness to issue clear guidelines to chief constables about the removal of innocent children from the National Police DNA Database.

Open Source Software

Signed Early Day Motion 179 Software in Schools 21 November 2006

That this House congratulates the Open University and other schools, colleges and universities for utilising free and open source software to deliver cost-effective educational benefit not just for their own institutions but also the wider community; and expresses concern that Becta and the Department for Education and Skills, through the use of outdated purchasing frameworks, are effectively denying schools the option of benefiting from both free and open source software and the value and experience small and medium ICT companies could bring to the schools market.

Political interests

The UK Parliament website lists his interests[1] as;

  • Constitution
  • Single currency (against)
  • Health
  • Home affairs
  • Defence

Electoral History

  • Contested Thurrock 2001 general election.
  • Member for Hemel Hempstead since the General Election of 5 May 2005

Political Career

Party Posts

  • Director, Conservatives Against a Federal Europe 1995;
  • General election campaign manager for Sir Teddy Taylor, Rochford & Southend East 1997;
  • Executive Member Conservative 1922 Committee 2006-07

Current Posts

Shadow Minister for Health 2007-


  • All-Party Far East Prisoners of War and Internees Group 2005-;
  • All-Party Chinese in Britain Group 2006-
  • All-Party People with Complex Needs and Dual Diagnosis Group 2007-,
  • All=Party Army Group 2007-;
  • All-Party Veterans Group 2008-


  • All-Party Royal Marines Group 2005-;
  • All-Party Angling Group 2006-;


  • All-Party Gibraltar Group 2005-,
  • All-Party Identity Fraud Group 2006-;


  • All-Party Child and Youth Crime Group 2006-;
  • All-Party Chaplaincy in the National Health Service Group 2007-;

Parliamentary Participation

Commons Select Committees


  • Health Select Committee 2005-07

All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs)

Country Groups:


  • The United Kingdom-Falkland Islands APPG
  • British-Iraq APPG
  • APPG for Malaysia
  • Philippines APPG
  • APPG Ukraine Group

Office-Holding Member:

  • Kurdistan Region in Iraq APPG, Vice Chair
  • APPG for Gibraltar, Secretary

Subject Groups:


  • Built Environment APPG
  • Chemical Industry APPG
  • APPG on Dentistry
  • Export APPG
  • Taxation APPG
  • War Graves and Battlefields Heritage APPG
  • APPG for the Gurkhas

Office-Holding Member:

  • Angling APPG, Treasurer
  • APPG for the Army, Vice Chair
  • APPG on Chaplaincy in the National Health Service, Chair
  • Child and Youth Crime APPG, Joint Chair with James Brokenshire, Con
  • Chinese in Britain APPG, Vice Chair
  • APPG on People With Complex Needs and Dual Diagnosis, Vice Chair
  • APPG on Identity Fraud, Joint Secretary with Philip Dunne, Con
  • Royal Marines APPG, Treasurer
  • Veterans APPG, Office-holding Member

Voting Record

Summary taken from the Public Whip [2]

  • Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban.
  • Voted very strongly against allowing ministers to intervene in inquests.
  • Voted very strongly against introducing ID cards.
  • Voted strongly for laws to stop climate change.
  • Voted against removing hereditary peers from the House of Lords.
  • Voted a mixture of for and against a wholly elected House of Lords.
  • Voted very strongly against equal gay rights.
  • Voted for greater autonomy for schools.
  • Voted moderately against Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
  • Voted very strongly for an investigation into the Iraq war.
  • Voted a mixture of for and against a transparent Parliament.


Fridays 4 - 6pm.

Constituency Office, 6th Floor, 111 Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP1 1BB

For appointments call 01442 450444

Contact Details


Mike Penning MP House of Commons London SW1A 0AA

Tel: 020 7219 8398 Fax: 020 7219 4759


Constituency office 6th Floor 111 Marlowes Hemel Hempstead Herts HP1 1BB

Tel: 01442 450444 Fax: 01442 450445