Michael Clapham

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Michael Clapham is the former Labour MP for Barnsley West & Penistone, aka Mick Clapham. Member of EURIM.

Early Day Motions

Signed Early Day Motion 263 Identity Cards 06 June 2005

That this House believes that a convincing case for the introduction of compulsory biometric identity cards and a national database has not been made, that the risks involved far outweigh any discernible benefit, that the introduction of identity cards will fundamentally change the relationship between the citizen and the state, diminish personal privacy and threaten civil liberties, that the present proposals do not provide properly costed, proportionate or effective solutions to the problems they are claimed to solve; and calls upon the Government to shelve plans for their introduction.


Term Extension

Signed a Early Day Motion asking for term extension.


2005-10-18 - BBC - ID card vote: rebel Labour MPs
Summary: Twenty-one Labour MPs voted against the government on the introduction of ID cards, slashing the government's majority to 32. Michael Clapham was one of those MPs.
2004-11-25 - The Guardian - Ministers hope to win ID cards fight with help of Tory splits
Author: Patrick Wintour
Summary: ID cards are seen as the blockbuster bill for the coming session, with the Liberal Democrats and some Labour libertarians deeply opposed. ... MPs including Neil Gerrard, Mick Clapham, Lynne Jones and David Winnick have recently criticised aspects of the bill, and as many as 40 Labour MPs have expressed doubts about it.