Martyn Jones

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Martyn Jones former Labour MP for Clwyd South and member of the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee.

Early Day Motions

Signed Early Day Motion 686 biometric data collection in schools 19 January 2007

That this House is alarmed at the growing practice of schools collecting and storing the biometric details of children as young as three; notes that up to 3,500 schools use biometric software to record the data of approximately three quarters of a million children; shares parents' concerns that children's data, often including photographs and fingerprints, is stored on unregulated data collection systems and potentially insecure school computer networks and could therefore potentially be misused; notes that collecting the data from children under 12 without parental consent directly contravenes the Data Protection Act; believes that no child should have biometric information taken without the express written permission of their parents; further believes that no child should be excluded from school activities where this permission is not forthcoming; welcomes the decision by the Department for Education and Skills to update guidance to local authorities and schools; and calls on the Government to conduct a full and open consultation with stakeholders, including parents and children, on this issue as part of their redrafting process.


2007-10-11 - Martyn Jones Website - Martyn Jones MP salutes the end of the Welsh Digital Divide
Author: Martyn Jones MP
Summary: Following pressure from Martyn Jones MP drawing attention to the digital divide in Wales, the European Commission has adopted a proposal to select systems for mobile satellite services (MSS) at European level. Wales has constantly suffered from a digital divide with half of all homes having no access to the internet, partly as a result of geography, and inadequate or non-existent landlines. However the adoption of MSS could potentially provide television, radio and internet signal for all regardless of where they live. In Early Day Motion 1312A1 Martyn Jones MP drew particular attention to the plight of Wales and a frequent lack of signal or transmission in certain parts of the country. This EDM urged the widespread adoption of MSS. The European Commission reacted to this bid amongst others by noting the importance of MSS technology and urging both the European Council and Commission to confirm a European-wide adoption of MSS towards the end of 2008. Martyn Jones MP reacted to the decision of the European Council: “For too long Wales has been suffering from a digital divide. People in our country have been unable to get television transmission, or internet connection. In this day and age these are almost basic necessities and are a must in rural communities. I welcome the Commission’s reaction to the situation. In this age of global technology, industry and communication Wales can scarce afford to be left behind, this decision could mean better transmission or signal for up to a million welsh people. It is very gratifying to see that the European Commission has heeded our parliamentary petition. The decision they have taken should level the technological playing field across Europe and we will continue to urge the European Union forward on this matter until the Welsh digital divide is a thing of the past.”
2006-11-07 - Martyn Jones Website - MP warns: "Don't fall for 'phishing' scams"
Author: Martyn Jones MP
Summary: ... "There has been a massive growth in the so-called 'phishing' scam via email." "Most people with an email account, will have probably all received such emails from purportedly, high-street banks asking them to contact spoof websites." "People can protect themselves from becoming victims of 'phishing' by being very wary of all unsolicited emails they receive in their inbox - even if the emails appear to have been sent by a trusted source." "Some banks may contact you via email, but they will never ask customers to reconfirm login or security password information by clicking on a link in an email and visiting a website." "I believe banks in particular, banks have a responsibility to ensure their customers are kept well-informed of the risks associated by 'phishing' scams - they should be doing more to prevent it."
2006-01-21 - Martyn Jones Website - Clwyd South To Enjoy A New Era Of Public Body Transparency – MP Applauds New Freedom Of Infomration Act
Author: Martyn Jones MP
Summary: Martyn Jones, MP for Clwyd South has welcomed the new Freedom of Information Act that came into force on January 1st. The Act - as in other countries with Freedom of Information (FOI) laws - means that a great deal more information will be put into the public domain. There are of course certain areas of information that are not available to be disclosed – an example might be issues of national security – evidently a sensible exemption. ... Mr. Jones points to the fact that his constituents will now have the opportunity to apply for information that previously they would have not been entitled to. Commenting on the new act he is optimistic that it will encourage public institutions to take a proactive response and deliver such information to the wider public, before it is asked for: "I anticipate that an increasing number of public bodies – will wherever possible - make official and environmental information routinely available to everyone; rather than sitting and waiting for a request. After all, they all want to enjoy the trust of the public and show they have absolutely nothing to hide. Information should only remain secret where there is a good reason and I welcome this new level of transparency"