Hilary Armstrong

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Hilary Armstrong MP (Labour) former MP for North West Durham.



2007-06-07 - Open Rights Group - Independent review calls for better access to public sector information
Summary: This morning sees the release of The Power of Information, an independent review, commissioned by Hilary Armstrong MP at the Cabinet Office, into “state- and citizen-generated information”. The report, authored by Tom Steinberg (MySociety) and Ed Mayo (National Consumer Council), calls for the government to thoroughly examine the economic case for keeping some public sector information locked into trading funds (like the Ordnance Survey). The review recognises that the money generated from trading funds selling on public sector information is tiny compared to the wider value of public sector information to the economy as a whole. Moreover, the reivew suggests that citizens, communities and NGOs would benefit if all public sector information was made available in open formats under licenses that allow innovative re-purpose and reuse.
2007-02-08 - Kable - Minister praises community sites
Summary: Cabinet Office minister Hilary Armstrong has emphasised the potential of independent web forums in supporting public services. Armstrong said that sites such as rightsnet and netmums are democratising information and driving citizens' appetite for sharing advice and opinions in new ways.